Hannah S short dress

This is Hannah S short dress style number 27593. This cocktail dress has sequined drop waist bodice and ruffle hem full mini skirt. Hannah S from the House of Wu is a collection that offers cute, flirty, cocktail dresses that are sure to get you noticed. From prom night to the after party, Hannah S is the perfect dress. Hannah S prides itself on providing the highest quality at the most affordable prices. And, here at TJ Formal, we take pride in offering a complete package at great prices complete your outfit with our huge selection of trendy and affordable shoes, jewelry, shapewear, and accessories. Make us your one stop shop. Tulle and liquid sequins. Mini dress with dropped waist. Strapless sweetheart sequin bodice, satin belt. Full two color tulle skirt, wired ruffled hem. Shown in Red Black.
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Wah-Wah app

Wah-Wah is a music app that makes you move your body to shape the sound. To make it work, you tilt the iPhone/iPad as if it were a Wah-Wah pedal. The result is immediately engaging: you are participating in the music, you are creating the Wah.

Wah-Wah combines instant gratification and party toy potential with creative re-use and professional noise sculpting, to make an irresistable gadget for musicians and casual fun seekers alike.

The sound is carefully modelled after real Wah-Wah pedals and boutique effects. With the ability to record your own sound loops, Wah-Wah becomes a serious professional tool, with limitless capabilities. Wah-Wah was developed in consultation with professional musicians who need exactly this kind of immediate, responsive tool for spontaneous and expressive sound creation.

As a party toy, Wah-Wah is physically engaging and draws people out of their shells, to play music in the most immediate and simple way.

Wah-wah comes with a set of preset sound loops. In addition, you can import songs from your Music Library and play them through the Wah-Wah pedal. With 'Live Input' mode, you can play a live instrument or use the built-in microphone for crazy feedback effects. And of course, you can record your own loops.

From funk to noise, fun to crazy, easy to expert: it's a Wah-Wah pedal. Everything sounds better through a Wah-Wah pedal.
Check out electrohoof.com for some videos with notable musicians.
Price of Wah: 99 cents.